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How to: get Google calendar events from multiple e-mail accounts

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GooglecalendardayviewGoogle Calendar just became instantly better for me thanks to a useful tip at the Google Operating System blog. If you associate other e-mail addresses with your Google account, the Calendar will show invitations sent to those e-mail addresses as well. Why is this useful? Let’s use my situation as a simple example.I primarily use two e-mail addresses: [email protected] and [email protected] At home, each of us has a Gmail account and we use the Google Calendar to keep track of all the personal family events; it’s a nice way to keep the crazy schedule a little more manageable. So we use the Gmail accounts for event invitations. Sometimes, we just place items on each other’s calendar, but primarily, we e-mail events.

For professional events, most folks have or use my account. Up to now, I’d have to manually add events to my Google Calendar, which adds an extra step. With the e-mail address association, both personal and professional events will appear on the same Google Calendar.After associating my address with my Google account, I had a test event sent to that address. As you can see, the test is right there on the calendar along with a birthday party the kids are going to and my Fantasy Football shindig. After a 4-9 season, I might skip that… in my defense, Drew Brees really killed me the first few weeks.Are you a Google Calendar-aholic? Check our two related posts from earlier this week showing how to add Tasks to the Calendar and how to add the Calendar to a Firefox sidebar!

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