Weekend Coffee Break – QDOS, Crunchies & Bandwidth

ScreenshotAnother Online Popularity ContestQDOS (A name, they say, derived from “kudos”) is the latest online service to try to show you how you compare to other people. Put in your identity and tell them where to find you online (on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Digg, and so on) and they’ll calculate a numerical score for you. Then you can see how your score compares to that of your peers and celebrities.

The service is free, but if you read through the FAQ you’ll see that Garlik, the folks behind the site, are convinced that there’s a business model lurking in helping people manage their online identities using hte QDOS model. So you should probably be prepared for some future marketing if you sign up to see how you rate.

And the Winner Is… – Last night was the awards ceremony for the first-ever Crunchies awards, co-sponsored by our parent site GigaOm. Among web worker favorites, Twitter was anointed Best Mobile Startup, and StumbleUpon garnered Best Use of Viral Marketing. Facebook took the Best Overall honors. Click through the link to see the full list of winners.

Limited Broadband? – Time-Warner Cable has announced that they’re going to try something new in Beaumont, Texas: tiered pricing on broadband, with heavy users (that is, folks who use BitTorrent) paying more than those who are more conservative in their network load. I expect all of the major broadband providers will be watching this closely, and if consumers don’t revolt and burn the cables down, we can expect the model to spread. This may not be good news for web workers.

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