Earth2Tech Week in Review


It was a week of big, overblown and “greener” conventions. The North American International Auto Show tried to prove that American automakers are hip and eco-friendly, while MacWorld produced a laptop with a mercury-free display, but not a user replaceable battery. To the entrepreneurs out there looking for funding, Vinod Khosla is really churning them out, as he annoucned three big investments this week. So, in case you missed the week’s headlines we’ve gathered them all here for you to enjoy across the long weekend.

  • Khosla and GM Back Low-Cost Ethanol: Earth2Tech editor Katie Fehrenbacher flew out to Chicago this month to check out Coskata, an ethanol maker that claims they can produce ethanol for less than $1 a gallon from a variety of feedstocks including cellulosic biomass, municipal solid waste, or other recycled materials (like old tires).
  • Green Guide to the Detroit Auto Show: Green was the color to be this year in Detroit. Both foreign and domestic automakers rolled out a variety of plug-in electric vehicles and diesel hybrids. China is also getting into the game hoping to debut a PHEV in the U.S.

  • Apple Grows Greener with MacBook Air:
    It’s thin, it’s light, and it’s gonna cost you at least $1,799. But this time it has an arsenic-free and mercury-free display and BFR-free and PVC-free circuitry. Oh yeah, and a battery you can’t replace.
  • Indian Power IPO Cleans Up More Than Just Emissions: With India looking to spend $500 billion on power plants and infrastructure in the next four years, Reliance Power’s IPO on the Bombay Stock Exchange exploded.
  • Is First Solar Crashing Back to Earth?: “The Google of Solar” has had its stock slip under $200. Between the new Energy Bill not renewing solar tax credits, a supposed solar boom-bust cycle, and some growing recognition of a generally overpriced stock, First Solar is taking some serious heat. Or just
  • Who’s Demanding an End to Coal Power?: John Edwards came out strong against any new coal-fired power plants during this week’s debate. He joins a growing body of high profile players taking a stand against the biggest polluter in the world.



Green energy is definitely the best solution in most cases. Technology like solar energy, wind power, fuel cells, zaps electric vehicles, EV hybrids, etc have come so far recently. Green energy even costs way less than oil and gas in many cases.

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