Vid-Biz: Google, BitTorrent, Scientology


Google Switches Lawyer in Viacom Case; Mayer Brown LLP now representing YouTube’s owner in copyright infringement case. (MarketWatch)

Official BitTorrent Client a Security Risk; security expert claims both official BitTorrent and uTorrent vulnerable to remote DoS attacks because of how they deal with user-supplied data. (TorrentFreak)

Church of Scientology Combats Cruise’s Ubiquity; as videos of the superstar talking about the controversial religion keep popping up over the Internet. (LA Times)

Internet Party Has Web Cracking Up; comedy bit shows Google, Digg, Wikipedia and others mingling. (We love the vid, but hate the auto-play embed). (Cracked)

ManiaTV Moving to Los Angeles; after reviving Tom Green’s career, company hopes move will help it tap into more Hollywood talent. (MediaWeek)

Wireless Internet + CSI = Fun for South Koreans; so-called “digital nomads” watching more TV from coffee shops (and consuming more bagels). (EarthTimes)

Bre Pettis Leaves Make for Etsy; do-it-yourselfer/producer to head up new media at the homemade marketplace. (

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