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For Serious? Slide Valued at $500M

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Slide has taken $50 million from Fidelity and T-Rowe Price, according to Brad Stone at the New York Times, exchanging a 9-percent stake of the company at a valuation of $500 million. Kara Swisher of BoomTown had first reported inklings of the news this morning.

Slide makes applications that live within social networks like Facebook — such as FunWall, Top Friends and SuperPoke — which are parasitic of other people’s users but also have interesting implications for interactions that are independent of those platforms.

Though I’d say people are right to be skeptical of the widget space, it’s both extremely popular and hotly contested. The expectations may be getting too high, though; Slide CEO Max Levchin has said he will not consider Slide a success until it is worth more than what he sold PayPal for: $1.58 billion.

16 Responses to “For Serious? Slide Valued at $500M”

  1. I’ve blocked just about every application they make- I understand how they appeal to people in high school, but eventually the market for annoying tests and facebook pokes will dwindle. People tend to add an application, use it once, and then leave it alone. This is not the type of user that justifies a $500 million valuation.

  2. Slide is a cool app, but it is nowhere near as valuable and/or practical as Paypal. Slide is rudimentary entertainment during a period of overvaluation of social networks. ALL entertainment products that are successful go through a period of rapid market adoption, then rapid decline.

    This is an insane investment by Fidelity and T-Rowe Price – note that I am referring to the valuation, not the opportunity.

    Great idea, great product, HUGE over valuation.