Audiotube Buys Video Tech To Host More Own Content

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Music video portal startup Audiotube has bought up web video technologies from CineFX as it looks to bring its inventory of pop vids in-house. The price wasn’t disclosed. Founded 12 months ago by Scott deMercado, Audiotube has so far largely just embedded its videos from other sites like YouTube and MySpace. But it aims to start hosting more of its own content, and the CineFX acquisition will certainly help. CineFX’s products, released under the Open Libraries banner, include CineCode and Ncode (for converting videos of multiple formats to web format), CinePlay (the player that plays those vids) and CineMix, an add-on that supports stringing clips together. CineFX had released each for free – Audiotube has acquired them outright but will release them under a GPL licence. VBox, a hosted version of NCode that CineFX was developing, will be turned in to a B2B distribution platform for the music industry itself. Release.

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Both Cinecode and encode do not offer Apple Mac OS support unless you try the linux alternative or have bootcamp or parallels installed.

Vcode looks like a good for idependent, the good thing about the above news release is that its a UK based software development company Cineflex was backed by 3i and Benchmark Capital. This makes an interesting change from the US domination of sites GooTube, Myspace/Murdoch/Foxmedia, digg and other video and social networks and bookmarking sites.

It will be interesting how these type of social opt in aggregators/bookmarkers can continue to survive off of free content and CPM.

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