Zude! Startup Scores $5.3M


Fifth Generation Systems, owner of drag-and-drop web page customization technology provider Zude, has raised an additional $5.3 million in a second round of venture capital. It also added Dan Bricklin, a computer science superstar and co-creator of spreadsheet software VisiCalc, to its board. Perhaps that money and Bricklin’s talents will go toward perfecting Zude’s difficult user interface.


Steve Repetti

[reprinted from previous post]

Power and flexibility aren’t always pretty, and very often not easy to use — and THAT is a challenge for us here at Zude. But, it is a challenge we accept. We will forever listen to our customer base and continue leading the evolution in social computing.

If you haven’t been to Zude recently, then the first thing you’ll notice is (drum-roll please) a new interface! But not simply new — it is just another option (in this case, the default option). Plenty of Zude power-users LOVE the original UI — but others wanted and needed something friendlier. As software developers, our job is to not only appease both sides, but also to empower and excite both sides — and everyone in between.

But that isn’t the end — it’s barely the beginning. And I suspect (with more than a little bit of insider knowledge) that you are going to see A LOT of evolution and revolution from Zude over the next little bit…


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