Vulcan’s $699 Flipstart fire sale: it’s only logical


Flipstart1I’d like to think that the rash of upcoming, low-cost sub-notebooks is pushing the Flipstart price down, but I think it’s more of a strategy to move the product off shelves. Perhaps the Vulcans realize that new chipset platforms are around the corner and we’ll soon hear plans off a new model? Doesn’t really matter what the reason is from a consumer perspective: this little chunky-monkey of a pocketable computer now starts at $699! When it first arrived earlier last year, the unit was $1,999 and James offered up a nice video first look of it.Is it worth $700? In my opinion, for those looking for the pocketable form factor have to give the Vulcan Flipstart some consideration. If instead, you’re merely looking for portable and not pocketable, there are several other current and soon-to-be-had choices for this price or less provided you can make do without Pentium M performance. How about it: deal… or no deal? No deal for me: I find the 512 MB of RAM a little too limiting and I’m not certain you can upgrade it.



James really loved this at 2 grand, now it might not be worth it at 700? You say there are comparable units out there for the same price, but where are they? I cant find anything similiar for this price, if there is one, let me know before i buy this next week.
Please dont mention the asus eee, i need windows.


At 5.9″x4.5″x1.6″, I question whether the Flipstart is really pocketable. (I mean in the sense of fitting it nicely in one’s pant pocket. However, it may still be a bit thick for even a jacket pocket.) It’s definitely small though.

I’m wondering if they’re going out of business, or clearing inventory for a new model.

Dave Zatz

I wonder if this is part of a larger strategy. Digeo cut their upcoming products and half the staff. Same investors. Hmm…


Isn’t Intel EOLing the Pentium lineup? I thought I read that somewhere. I believe this is obviously an inventory blowout play with the pending introduction of a Flipstart 2.0.

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