Vid-Biz: Eat or Die, Digg, Truveo


Funny or Die to Add Eat or Die to its Stable; new site featuring famous chefs will join Shred or Die and MyBlueCollar. (AllThingsD)

Revision3 Diggs Up New Video Show; The Digg Reel to showcase highly-dugg user-submitted videos. (DiggReel) (Disclosure: Revision3 produces “The GigaOM Show”)

Truveo Launches Election Site; video search service culls election video from TV networks, UGC sites and campaign sites into one location. (Truveo)

Turner to Run NBA Digital Biz; the TV network to oversee programming, marketing and technical aspects of NBA TV digital channel as well as host (Broadcasting & Cable)

NBC Expanding Out-of-Home Video Ad Program; NBC entertainment and news content (with ads) to be displayed in places like taxicabs, schools and supermarkets. (TVWeek)

IMDB Acquires Withoutabox; Amazon subsidiary looking to expand its database while helping indie filmmakers submit movies to festivals. (CNet)


gosly hummner

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Scott H Florance

There are angel spirits stuck in magnetic cages in 12 countries underground Air Force bases. They have evil alien technology from space it keeps a captured angel in a prison for years. These wicked people are self decieved calling angels demons. Make it a Law that they can only have 2 ‘demon’ traps per nation. And a Law that they cant try to do harm to the prisoners. When are they going to stop lying about this, when they put angel traps along all the sidewalks? I hope they dont chase angels with starfighters in outer space in the future.

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