TiVo Gets Jaman with Indie Movies

image002.jpgTiVo subscribers will soon be able to use their DVR box to rent or purchase international and independent films from online movie distribution company Jaman (see our profile of the company). The service will work on broadband-connected TiVo Series2 and Series3 boxes, with the rental or purchase of films like 21 Eyes and Missionary Positions (the two most popular Jaman films) starting at $1.99.

Jaman hacked its way onto the first version of the Apple TV last year and is also available through PCs, Macs, SanDisk’s TakeTV and DivX.

Jaman is carving out a nice little niche for itself, eschewing the high-profile Hollywood hits so many other companies are going after for the lesser-known indie and global fare. Thankfully, Jaman has a rental option because in this accelerated world of online video, buying a movie download does not make sense, especially if the films are downloaded to a TiVo box. Who wants to permanently reduce the size of their DVR’s hard drive with an indie flick you’d maybe watch a couple times a year?