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Stage 9 Series Not Delayed Due to Guilds

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Stage 9, a new media production company and subsidiary of ABC, is not delaying its slate of web series because of the WGA strike. The Hollywood Reporter earlier today said that according to its sources, Disney (which owns ABC) “does not want to risk inflaming the guilds with a venture intended to grab digital revenue.” But after doing some digging, this does not appear to be entirely accurate.

Yes, some of Stage 9‘s productions, like the sci-fi epic Trenches, have been delayed. But contrary to other reporting, the film was not finished in early 2007. “I’m not done with it yet,” said Trenches director Shane Felux. “I’m still cutting. I’ve got 200 FX shots to do.” Felux hadn’t heard of any delay from Stage 9 either. “They want it now,” he said.

A source close to the process told us that nothing has been postponed, that Stage 9 itself was never formally announced and there are no official launch dates for Stage 9 productions. The source went on to say that Stage 9 shows are still in post-production and that any delays were not due to guild-related issues. We were told that when Stage 9 feels like it has enough product in its pipeline it will make a formal announcement, but no time frame for any such announcement was given.