Update: Joost Fires CTO

Joost CTO Dirk-Willem van Gulik was fired by the Internet TV software company. He has taken another job as chief technical architect of the BBC Future Media and Technology Group, which is responsible for a similar project, the peer-to-peer video software iPlayer. We published this story a few minutes ago under the assumption van Gulik had left the company of his own accord, but a Joost spokesperson called to say “he was terminated.”

In a release, the BBC said van Gulik would be “responsible for the design and construction of the BBC’s next generation back-end infrastructure to support all interactive services including bbc.co.uk, BBCi and BBC Mobile.”

Joost today announced it’s named Matt Zelesko as senior vice president of engineering. Zelesko is building an engineering hub for the company in New York City, where much of Joost is now based. He has been with the company since October in preparation for van Gulik’s departure. Previously Zelesko worked on the (just-released) Fancast for Comcast; he also worked with Joost CEO Mike Volpi at Cisco.

A Joost spokesperson (this is prior to telling us that he was fired) said van Gulik, who is based in Holland, will remain a consultant to and an investor in Joost. We have not confirmed that van Gulik will work directly on the iPlayer, which the BBC said had over 1 million users in the last month.


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