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Firestick Pico USB stick: mobile device hardware firewall

YoggiefirestickpicoAs a mobile device user, I strongly believe in firewall protection when working on the road. Traditionally, this has meant some type of software solution, but wouldn’t it be nice to spare some CPU cycles with a hardware firewall? The problem revolves around the size of a hardware solution: most of the current offerings are really meant for the home, not the road.Yoggie Security Systems might have an answer in the form of a USB firewall stick that’s essentially a small, 321 MHz Linux computer running on an Xscale PXA270 CPU. The $119 Firestick Pico fits in the USB slot of a mobile PC and offloads the security functions from your machine. Included with the Pico is a license for the Kaspersky security suite, so you can presumably uninstall any anti-virus and anti-spyware apps to. Sounds good in theory as it could help boost device performance a tad, but something I’d definitely like to test first… especially with my EV-DO connection.(via Everything USB)

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