Connect A Desk makes any device mobile


It all depends on how much neck and back strain you can take, but Connect A Desk might make even the heaviest notebooks more mobile. OK, but I certainly wouldn’t want to lug a 15 pound laptop around with it even though that would make for some comic relief at the local Starbucks.At $35 though, this could come in handy for walking the floor of CES, liveblogging an event or even for just showing off photos of the family on a portable desk. ;)(via Business Hacks)


Nathan Ketsdever

Despite the bumpiness, I think its a great idea.
I think they should follow up with a creative and crazy uses of the Connect-a-desk…perhaps even based on user generated content.


My reaction—get a tablet pc or umpc for mobility. If you need to walk around and enter data I would rather have one of those for sure.

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