SFR, Alcatel-Lucent Claim Success In French DVB-SH Trial

Yesterday it was noted that SFR hadn’t bid on a DVB-H license and instead touted its 3G mobile TV service. Today SFR and Alcatel-Lucent announced the DVB-SH pilot they ran in the second half of last year was successful…there’s a lot of technical stuff in the release but it boils down to the technical service working in an economical fashion, with the satellite providing broad coverage and the 3G network backing it up. However, the release carefully avoids any implication that SFR is going to roll out a commercial DVB-SH service. Also, Hollywood Reporter has a story on major TV stations and media groups in France signing a charter to promote mobile TV through “attractive programming offers, a large choice of viewing terminals that are also ‘accessible at attractive prices’ and an ‘impeccable’ quality of service”.


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