Updated: NBA, Turner Partnering On NBA Digital: Stern: 'Practical Joint Venture'

imageThe National Basketball Association and Turner Broadcasting System will jointly manage the NBA’s domestic digital businesses, starting in full with the 2008-09 season and running through the 2015-16 season. Early reports on this missed the mark a bit — as we’re sure to hear more about in a conference call that starts shortly, this is not like other instances of a media company taking over the running of the league’s website, etc. The operation will be run out of TBS HQ in Atlanta but David Levy, president of the Turner Broadcasting Sports, and Adam Silver, NBA deputy commissioner and COO, will manage the venture together and will appoint a GM responsible for the portfolio. That’s not to say TBS isn’t gaining a lot of power and it’s fair to say this could look like a distinction without a difference:

— TBS “will assume responsibility for programming, marketing and technical operations of NBA TV, the league