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Much Ado About Murdoch's 'Change Of Heart' Re Free

We’re shocked, shocked to find that might not go completely free after all. I say that fully with tongue in cheek because I’ve never believed the Journal would go completely free or that a final decision had been made. Rupert Murdoch has made a lot of sweeping statements, to be true, but he also has qualified many of them all along. A lot of people who think that’s what he should do — particularly those who see the site as some kind of standalone unconnected to anything else within Dow Jones (NYSE: NWS) — prefer the former.

The latest round comes from comments Murdoch made at a bureau chiefs’ gathering last week. The NY Observer reports via three sources that Murdoch “has scaled back his ambition to make entirely free. ‘He said he originally thought making it free would bring in the biggest audience, but that after studying it it