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Indiatimes Re-launches Gaming: Same Old Stuff, New Skin

[by Cerius Shah] So they come out of the woodwork. Everyone’s favourite punching bang has re-launched its gaming section. I noticed they had dedicated gaming servers and tried them out. All the servers were down. To make matters worse, the site is loaded with Google (NSDQ: GOOG) ads for other gaming firms.

The downloadable games section has vapourware gems like Killerdolls, Treasure diver and Warrior prince. It makes my brothers NES look good. For the final flourish there is a promise of a new forum, coming soon! The only saving grace is the shopping section, they have some decent 360 titles there and a well stocked news and features page. Very reliable sources indicate that Games hardly contributes to traffic on big momma Indiatimes. It’s usually clubbed into the ‘others’ and from the looks of it wont be a focus area for Indiatimes anytime soon.

Also checked out the sub-link, it redirects to here. The official site, after some digging, is here. Seems like Indiatimes is playing divorcee to the sister concerns. Word is they’re are working on an ubersecret, forever delayed, social networking site and a womens portal. You didn’t read it here though. Here is looking at you Games!

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