How-To Video Site MonkeySee Gets $1 Million From Angels


The how-to video sector is starting to feel crowded: Great Falls, VA-based Monkeysee has raised $1 million from unidentified angel investors, reports TechConfidential. The site is competing with the major video sites, which have how-to content, as well as specialized sites like 5min, which recently announced a $5 million raise. Others include Expert Village (sold to Demand Media) and VideoJug, which has raised $30 million. The company is looking to foster a network of professional producers and it will charge companies to produce promotion, how-to videos. Release.


Josh Bissett

I don't believe it. I did a quick count of the content they've produced and it appears they've shot four our five thousand videos already. That's not possible on a million dollars.

Teddy Ruxtable

$30 million? Yikes! MonkeySee looks like the best of them all and they are only in 1/30th as deep. Sounds like the other guys have something to worry about.

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