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Spore for Mac releasing simultaneously with PC version

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Spore for Mac

Spore, the game of origin, evolution, and life, is now officially slated to released simultaneously with its PC counterpart.

Spore has had a number of release date delays and its future with the Mac platform was initially uncertain. It being one of the most anticipated games of the decade makes this a huge announcement for Mac users who are interested in the game.

Used in previous EA Mac games, TransGaming’s Cider Portability Engine will also be used in the Mac version of Spore.

No word yet on an actual date…just “later this year”.

Hat tip: TUAW

One Response to “Spore for Mac releasing simultaneously with PC version”

  1. Let’s just hope their use of Cider/Cedega for Spore will be more effective than what the EVE Online folks did for their client. For all practical purposes, EVE Online is still unusable on OS X (unless anyone has any pointers for me on how to make it work well enough on my MBPro to run missions in lowsec).