Office 2008 for Mac shipping- I got mine


Macoffice08While I was laying around the past few days I plain forgot I had preordered my very own copy of Office 2008 for the Mac and it arrived today.  I am really looking forward to giving this new version a spin as I really like the ribbon interface on the Windows side which has made it to the new Mac version.  I am also hoping to find that Entourage does a much better job at interacting with my Exchange Server.  Unfortunately I cannot see if that’s the case because my MacBook Pro seems to be dead.  The only thing it will do when I try to power it on is beep 3 times along with flashing the power on light 3 times, all of this while the screen is just white.  Sounds like a trip back to Apple, which is a lousy way to try to sell me an Air.



Information Week:

One potential negative for Office 2008 for Mac, especially in corporate realms, is that the new software drops support for Visual Basic for Applications. That means macro compatibility could be greatly affected by business power users who choose to upgrade, unless their add-ins were developed in .Net.

So does that mean only VBA is missing or all macros?


Bummer, I just realized that I have a macro in a spreadsheet that I use every week. If I upgrade, no macro. What to do?


For you MBP:
1) reset the PRAM (option+P+R when booting)
2) check the file system integrity (either booting from an external HD or by booting in single user mode (option+s) and typing fsck -y
3) Check the hardware (RAM) by booting from an external HD and using techtool that came with your applecare. Uhh just a comment on that: booting from techtool CD is a pain. Better have it installed on an external system :)
4) get that bad ram out of the way :)
5) Don’t drive! Cure the infection first.


If it weren’t for that infection James could be out running a marathon if he wanted. These “mini-strokes” (strokes that result in no impairment) leave nothing but an emotional shock behind. He could have an incapacitating stroke an hour from now, 20 years from now, or die in his sleep from “old age” decades from now. No way to know or predict it. Just like before he had the event.

Just let the man enjoy his blog eh?

As for the Macbook Pro, pull the SODIMM’s, blast out the memory sticks and memory slots with canned air and re-assemble. If still beeping take it to an Apple store and a Genius should be able to swap out the SODIMMs to get it back on its feet almost immediately.


Good lord.. put the computer down and relax for god’s sake. JkOnTheRun needs to be jkOnTheMend for at least week or two!!!!

Kevin G

Sounds like a memory problem. You might try reseating the RAM. If that doesn’t work try one stick at a time to see if one stick is bad. Glad you’re feeling better. Get well soon!

LeAnna MacDonald

I certainly agree with Jon. Please don’t push it. . . we need your “unique” brand of humor online and in podcasts, but want you healthy!

LeAnna MacDonald

I certainly agree with Jon. Please don’t push it. . . we need your “unique” brand of humor online and in podcasts, but want you healthy!


Hmm… maybe you can give us some comments or a short personal review after you get the product. Maybe it’s a good time that you upgrade your puppy to MacBook Air. What say you? Life is short.

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