Office 2008 for Mac shipping- I got mine

Macoffice08While I was laying around the past few days I plain forgot I had preordered my very own copy of Office 2008 for the Mac and it arrived today.  I am really looking forward to giving this new version a spin as I really like the ribbon interface on the Windows side which has made it to the new Mac version.  I am also hoping to find that Entourage does a much better job at interacting with my Exchange Server.  Unfortunately I cannot see if that’s the case because my MacBook Pro seems to be dead.  The only thing it will do when I try to power it on is beep 3 times along with flashing the power on light 3 times, all of this while the screen is just white.  Sounds like a trip back to Apple, which is a lousy way to try to sell me an Air.


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