My VZW data plan is unlimited again, right?


VzwbillunlimiteddataI’d like to think that my BroadbandAccess (EV-DO) data plan with Verizon Wireless is unlimited again, but I know it isn’t. How do I know that? I know it because I follow the mobile technology industry and as much I’d hope everyone found it as fascinating as I did, the reality is that most consumers really don’t care about it as much as I do. Don’t worry, I forgive them. ;)Those who do follow it know that VZW was advertising “unlimited” data plans and then put some carefully worded soft-caps (at 5 GB a month) in their Terms of Service. Gone are the mentions of unlimited data in marketing materials due to the policy buried in the TOS. Yes, I fully believe that a TOS should be respected, but the fact is, not everyone reads them. People do read their bills though… well, probably not word for word, but the bill has a much higher and recurring focus than a TOS. That’s why I was surprised to see an “unlimited monthly kilobyte” allowance printed prominently at the top left of my billing details.Unless this means that I truly do have an unlimited amount of monthly bandwidth on my plan, I’m asking that someone at VZW look into this further. If the plan is limited by the TOS, consumers shouldn’t see the misleading phrase “unlimited monthly kilobyte” printed anywhere on the bill. If I’m wrong and the soft-cap has been lifted, then the phrase should stay. It’s really that simple to be transparent and truthful… isn’t it?


Kevin C. Tofel

Hi Michael, there’s really no need to be insulting. I’m aware of the paid settlement as we covered it here when it happened. This is the very reason that I’m surprised to see mention of an unlimited allowance on my bill. I know of the 5 GB limit and I called it a soft-limit, because if you cross it a few things MAY happen: nothing, throttled down bandwidth the remainder of the month, or service termination based on the assumption you’re using the service for reasons disallowed by the TOS.

I’ve done research and that’s how I know about the situation, but that wasn’t the point of my post. The point is that most other consumers are not aware of the settlement or 5 GB threshold stated in the TOS. When they see a monthly bill that appears to show they have no limit, that’s what they’ll believe, which in my opinion is still misleading.


Do a little more research next time. Verizon paid a settlement to it’s customers in a lawsuit late last year due to “false advertising charges” regarding the unlimited wording. It’s not necessarily a “soft-limit” however Verizon leaves it open to interprutation and can suspend any customer for “abnormally high usage” because it puts a strain on their network.

Kevin C. Tofel

No, the contract is a flat-rate $59.95 a month. I presume the $0.25 a minute would be if I made voice calls with the device, but it’s not capable of that function, so a non-issue.


What, … but you pay $60 per month plus $15 per hour ($0.25 per minute) for broadband access. And on top of it they put a 5GB limit? Incredible.
I pay (o2 Germany) 0€ per Month, 0.03€/min from the city where I live and 0.19€/min when I am away. Full HSDPA, no limits.


Isn’t it?

I *do* care about such things… so I use Sprint, where the “unlimited” plan really is. My plan has free roaming, too, although that just means I pay more so I don’t get charged roaming fees.

I find it very amusing that I get more use out of Verizon’s network than Verizon customers do, though. :)

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