HP tx2000 reviewed: lightest, no; ‘funnest’, yes

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Tx2000That’s what Tiffany Boggs says about the HP tx2000 Tablet PC in her detailed review of a pre-production unit. It’s no surprise to me because James came away with a very positive impression of the convertible when he got a hands-on a few weeks back. So why all the positive review lovin’? Here are some of the main points I’ve gleaned:

  • The addition of the active digitizer with the touchscreen coupled with the touchscreen becoming inactive when the stylus is sensed.
  • Solid multi-media support and performance paired with a convertible Tablet PC
  • The $1,299 starting price
  • Faster AMD processor that rivals many of the Intel Core Duo devices and isn’t far behind comparable Core 2 Duo units
  • NVIDIA GPU and up to four hour battery life with the standard battery

All in all, the HP tx2000 looks like a dual-digitizer solution that packs some nice punch for the price, provided you can handle a 4.3 pound Tablet PC.

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I tried the tx1000 when Sams had it for 30 days and found it to be an excellent laptop for college students.

Not the lightest, but very cheap. The lack of an active digitizer was it’s largest flaw.

It has ample harddrive space, the performance was great for normal use.

The dual headphone ports is great for watching a movie on campus with someone.

It had a remote control for media center usage.

Overall it really felt like the perfect tablet for college kids and since imho that should be the largest market for tablets I’m glad to see a computer that really seems to nail that demographic. Now if they’ll just start telling college kids just how much they should want and need this thing the tablet can finally take off.

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