Asus Eee PC news roundup: mod market and competitors coming


UsbtouchscrenRather than two separate Asus Eee PC posts, here are two items together that came across the telegraph line RSS feeds. The low-cost computer is creating a new market: one for modifications. If you’re not a do-it-yourselfer but want more storage, a touchscreen or integrated Bluetooth you might consider moving to Taiwan. That’s where you’ll see vendors with soldering guns and tiny screwdrivers offering their services. Prices aren’t too bad either: $62 gets you a touchscreen and Windows XP Tablet Edition installation. Double that for connectivity and storage, but make sure you save some money for international shipping too. Asus could eventually offer these options, but I hope they do just that: make them options. The success factor of the Eee is largely due to the low cost and not everyone wants the features that are current modifications.Don’t think that all the success the Eee PC enjoys has gone unnoticed by other players in the notebook space. Acer is expected to compete in the first half of the year while Dell and HP are reportedly looking for a third quarter introduction to the low-cost portable market. Did we miss some news at CES or is everyone waiting for Computex in June to share the deets? That reminds me… have to get that Passport!


Bluetooth guy

The lack of Bluetooth support for the Eee was quite a drawback for some of us. The integrated Bluetooth mod will be most welcomed.


Just practicing the act of inking on the EEE pc – at first I was sceptical, but thanks to its light weight, it might be worth ‘upgrading’ to a touchscreen :) I’m not sure about sending my EEE off to some faraway country, but a DIY kit would be good.

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