7-inch CloudBook isn’t out yet and there’s a 9-inch model coming

Everex_cloudbook_ce1200vI guess when you’re predicting success, you don’t have to deliver on the first notebook model before planning your second. Oh, I just shuddered with a memory of the Osbourne debacle. Hopefully we won’t see a repeat of that mess with the Everex CloudBook.Last week, we got a look at their first offering: a VIA-powered, Linux-based (gOS) notebook with 7-inch display, 30 GB drive and full keyboard. We are expecting to see it hit WalMart.com for $399 this weekend, but we weren’t expecting to hear about a follow-up model so soon. Computerworld notes that a 9-inch model will be available later this year from Everex, but aside from the larger display, no other specs are available. Everex plans to keep the device at or under $500, so I’m anticipating a higher resolution, more memory (say a gig) and perhaps a 60 GB hard drive. I’m still wondering about the expected 5-hour battery life claim on the first model, but I think my Asus Eee PC would get stormy if I added a CloudBook to the stables.


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