7-inch CloudBook isn’t out yet and there’s a 9-inch model coming


Everex_cloudbook_ce1200vI guess when you’re predicting success, you don’t have to deliver on the first notebook model before planning your second. Oh, I just shuddered with a memory of the Osbourne debacle. Hopefully we won’t see a repeat of that mess with the Everex CloudBook.Last week, we got a look at their first offering: a VIA-powered, Linux-based (gOS) notebook with 7-inch display, 30 GB drive and full keyboard. We are expecting to see it hit WalMart.com for $399 this weekend, but we weren’t expecting to hear about a follow-up model so soon. Computerworld notes that a 9-inch model will be available later this year from Everex, but aside from the larger display, no other specs are available. Everex plans to keep the device at or under $500, so I’m anticipating a higher resolution, more memory (say a gig) and perhaps a 60 GB hard drive. I’m still wondering about the expected 5-hour battery life claim on the first model, but I think my Asus Eee PC would get stormy if I added a CloudBook to the stables.



It’s about price. This unit will sell for $399. It opens the door for UMPC on the low end.
We have yet to see long production runs for laptops. The new models are always better faster and about the same price. It is my hope that this will be the first UMPC to hit the $150 mark at rev 2 or rev 3. I hope to use the cloudbook with a bluetooth head set as my desk VOIP phone.


I’d buy the 8.9 inch version as I have seen the photo of the prototype. It has a bigger bezel but doesn’t have that lopsided look that I hate. Still not crazy about the specs but you can take on the road and not worry about it and that’s great.


Well, long before Asus released the Eee PC they indicated that there would be multiple models including the standard 7 inch screen version and a 10 inch version. Of course, now they’re talking about 8 and 8.9 inch versions, with no real talk about a 10 inch model, so these things can always change. But it’s not surprising to see Everex already planning ahead.

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