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60Frames Fires Up Seven New Shows

60Frames, the new media studio spun off from talent agency UTA (see our previous coverage), launched seven new web series today, featuring work from writers (presumably on strike now) and talent from NBC and Comedy Central. According to The Hollywood Reporter, this slate of seven shows is just the first of 50 different web series 60Frames will launch this year.

The studio will distribute its content through MySpace, iTunes, Bebo and YouTube, splitting the ad revenue. While each partner will sell its own ads for now, 60Frames will eventually sell sponsorships through Spot Runner, which incubated the company with UTA.

The shows (many of which are lightly NSFW) launched today are:

G.I.L.F.: A subtle comedy about a 37-year-old suburban grandmother.

Black Version: A parody of famous movies and TV shows using an all-African-American cast.

Douchebag Beach: An MTV Spring Break-esque spoof featuring three guys from Jersey.

Erik the Librarian: About a hapless, intense and vociferous librarian on a quest for life’s deeper meaning.

Who What Wear: A fashion guide to celebrity and runway trends.

Phake TV: A spoof of reality TV shows.

Cockpit: A ribald look at what goes on on-board Mile High Airlines.

The shows definitely look professional, and some of them are actually quite funny. A particular favorite is G.I.L.F., which despite its bad title is really a sharp comedy. Cockpit showcases some really funny comedic performances. And the woman in Black Version does a dead-on impersonation of Clarice Starling from Silence of the Lambs. On the other hand, Phake TV‘s premise is a bit tired, as reality shows do a pretty good job of making fun of themselves. And Erik is just shrill.

But overall, this is a strong start for 60Frames. The site is easy to navigate, the shows are fully embeddable, and the content is well done and quite clever. We’ll be watching to see if they can keep up the quality over subsequent episodes, and as they roll out more series.

4 Responses to “60Frames Fires Up Seven New Shows”

  1. Emmanuel

    That stable of shows is really low quality. The best of the bunch, G.I.L.F. was tiring by the second episode. I would love to see a good dramatic series instead of these tired, clippy comedies.

    Quarterlife is starting to approach the kind of quality and emotion that I’m talking about but, even that is marred by being cliched and overly meta with characters that seems to just whine and complain about being semi-successful 20-somethings with the problem of not having many problems.