Where’s James?


Jk_icon_100pixYou might have noticed that James was absent from our little on-line community yesterday. Per his request, I wanted to share a little information on the reason why. I’m keeping it very general for now, mainly because I have limited information myself.On Sunday night James was not feeling well, so much so, that his wife took him to the hospital. I spoke with Sheri the next morning as she was kind enough to take a few minutes of her time to let me know of the situation. James is still in the hospital, but Sheri says he’s feeling much better. All I know at this point is that his white cell count was high, which indicates some type of infection that his body is fighting. He and Sheri are waiting on some additional test results, but again, he’s feeling better today based on the phone conversation I just had with Sheri.Sheri brought him his computer today, but I’m asking you personally not to shoot him any mail, simply so we don’t give him an Inbox full of stress. Instead, why not post your warm wishes and thoughts in the comments here. This will give him one place to scan through the messages from the friendly community here at jkOnTheRun. More to follow, I’m sure… get well, bud!



God bless, James! Hope you feel better soon, but take care of yourself and your family first. We’ll be waiting for your mobile tech goodness when you are back on task.



Hope you are not still depressed over Kevin’s slot machine windfall. Get well. We are praying for you.


Sal Cangeloso

That’s too bad. Here’s to a speedy recovery!

I caught the CES flu, just like so many other people and was feeling really bad all wknd. I’m just starting to feel better today…


Hope you are able to relax, and are getting better. My wife had surgety and got an infection, and she just needed rest a time for her body (and some drugs) to fight the infection.
Hope you recover as quickly as she did.

Jeff Singfiel


Hang in there and rest and do whatever you need to do to get better. Return when you can. You’re missed. But get better.

Aaron J. Walker

More important than whatever that “other company” announces is hoping James has a speedy and quick recovery.

And one more thing …

We all miss you.

Regular Reader

You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers at my house. Your posts and podcasts are part of what makes my life so enjoyable and I thank you and Kevin for that enjoyment and the valuable information that you provide. Take care of yourself and know that we will be here online when the time is right for you.

Simon Coulthurst

All my best wishes. Have been a regular reader of JKOTR for longer than I care to remember. So I can recall your postings on the heart scare from a while back. When I first saw the headline, I thought, “Oh know!”. So firstly relieved for you it is not that, and secondly relieved that you are starting to feel better.

Fingers crossed!


You’re the best !!

We need you back in the saddle.

All the very best wishes.


You’re the best !!

We need you back in the saddle.

All the very best wishes.

Yolanda Villa

James, I’m so sorry to hear about this. I’m thinking about you and sending get well vibes your way. Looking forward to seeing you back here soon.

Bruce Keener

Get well soon my friend. You beat the odds once, so you tough this one out, too, okay. We’re about the same age, so things like this happen more often, but we can still whup it. Good luck!


James, I am sorry to hear that you have been so sick. You make the 4th person that I personally know who caught “something” in Vegas – Jason Dunn, Johan Von Mierlo, myself…although you certainly got whatever it was the worst. Get better soon my friend, we have Scrabulous games to play!


be careful, last time I was in vegas Istayed at a good hotel and about 100 of the group had to go to the hospital for some kind of food poisoning. I hope he gets well very fast.



Get well James! Hoping you just picked up a “bug” in Vegas.

You (and your family) are in my prayers

Susan aka gasusan2005 from mobility site

PS PLEASE let me know if ANYTHING we can do!

Terry Cole

All of your efforts in keeping us posted on mobility technology are greatly appreciated. You do a great job.

Get well soon.

Colin Walker

Ooh had lots of scary thoughts going through my head when I started reading that post Kevin.

Get well soon James, look forward to having you ack once you’re rested and ready.


James, you really know how to steal Apple’s thunder! Seriously, get well and hurry back…


Philip Ferris

Hey take care mate.

We’ll all be here for when you are well enough to get back into the chair.

Oh all those opportunities to sing the praises of the UMPC / MID to the medical profession – resist the temptation and get well soon.

Warmest regards to Sheri too.


James, mate, good to hear that you are already better! Please get well soon!
Sending thoughts and best wishes from your readers in the UK!


Get well soon, James!!!

We need you back in the saddle at JKOTR!

All the best,



Reminds me of those commercials… What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas. Please, James, get well soon man. Although I don’t personally know you, I am almost positive you are demoing and evangelizing the ultra mobile PC to any doctor that will listen.


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