Turn that old Zaurus PDA into a Google Android machine


Now this is a clever new use for an ol’ fave! Folks are dusting off their Zaurus SL-C3X00 series, Linux-based PDAs and installing images of the upcoming Google Android platform. If I had an old Zaurus, I’d be doing this right now because it’s a great way to get a feel for how the mobile operating system will work. You can catch all of the instructions and files on the forums at the Open Embedded Software Foundation. There’s also a bunch of screenshots and plenty of foreign language commentary here if you don’t have or can’t find your old Zaurus.Unless my long-term memory is going bad, which it probably is, I think Matt Miller still has an old Zaurus PDA. If true, maybe we can convince him to spend a little time with Android?(via Akihabara News)