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Ticketmaster Wants a Cut of Online TicketsNow

With its $265 million deal to buy TicketsNow, Ticketmaster has finally succumbed to the siren song of ticket scalping. The ticketing giant had long complained about online ticket brokers, but perhaps eBay’s success after buying StubHub back a year ago, the grim performance of its online TicketExchange platform, and its upcoming spin out as a public company convinced TicketMaster that the fat margins associated with online ticket brokers would be a nice addition to the portfolio.

3 Responses to “Ticketmaster Wants a Cut of Online TicketsNow”

  1. Jesse Kopelman

    Given how high their service fees are in relation to some ticket prices, one could argue that Ticketmaster was already heavily involved in ticket scalping.

  2. a monopoly? do you have a clue moron? they have lost pretty much all of MLB they just lost Live Nation (another 20% of their remaining business) they have the best known ticketing brand in the world but have little inventory to offer. Tnow fills that void. Outstanding move as usual by Barry Diller. and no I am not a TicketMaster employee, I’m a guy with a clue.

  3. This is the exact opposite of what should be happening. Ticketbastard has an absolute monopoly, yet nothing is done about it. Their fees are exorbitant and not at all in line with the value of their service.