Tell Zuckerberg! Does Social Networking 'Work' For You?

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Social networks are hot. No doubt. VCs love them. But from the user-perspective they deserve plenty of criticism, too. 60_facebook0113_100x75.jpg

Why do you think the lately-controversial founder of facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, showed up on 60 Minutes Sunday night?

It’s relatively easy to see how social networks are enhancing people’s lives personally, (MySpace, LiveJournal, Twitter), and in terms of individual professional connectivity (LinkedIn). Less clear, is the extent to which — in measurable terms — social networks are enhancing your ability to run your startup better. (Beebo.) Are they?

At my main blog, My Global Career, I’ve set out to understand how such tools can help us all work better. Now, together with Found|READ, I invite you participate in my study, the “State of Social Networking 2008” – a free, fast and confidential survey about how you are using your social networks.

To complete the survey, click HERE.

Doing so enters you into a drawing for an Apple iPhone, or equivalent prize from an Apple store, sponsored by My Global Career.

Rusty Weston is a seasoned tech journalist, founder of the blog, My Global Career, and a regular contributor to both Found|READ, and the Fast Company blog. For samples of his work see: Talent Crunch; and Careers: Who Wants to Be a Political Pundit?.

1 Comment

FB is useless

I am in my 40s and work in the Silicon Valley and in the web startup space myself. Most if not all of my friends are over 30 and for those that have facebook accounts, they have the same thing to say about it as I do, it’s freaking utterly useless and boring. I think I know why FB is so addicting for teens and 20s year olds. Think about it, until you get have a family and kids, what does your whole life revolves around? Being popular is the only thing that matters to you, this started in high school and continues until you get married and have kids. FB is indispensable to kids because without it, they have no identity. Just my 2 cents.

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