RIP Apple TV, Hello Apple TV


After finally admitting that the company did a poor job with the Apple TV, Steve Jobs in his Macworld keynote today unveiled a totally new interface with loads of functionality that should be enough for any Apple zealot to jump for joy. But how much faith do people really have in Apple to make its new offering a success when the product was relegated to the shadows and generally ignored over the past year? Read more over at NewTeeVee.



I think apple tv needs to be able to access various streaming vidoe sites such as I think that live television is still something that the cable/over the air tv replacement needs to have if it is going to be truely successful.

he hate me

appletv doesnt support divx or xvid! imagine if the ipod or iphone didnt support mp3s! how big do you think those products would have been?


Who hasn’t done a bad job with TV? Joost is horrible and I consider Microsoft’s MCE a disaster too.

Most internet television sites are not really television – they’re VOD in one form or another. I personally prefer live television to watching videos. There is a growing number of quality programming becoming available on the internet (such as Starfish Television who just yesterday started streaming live). Sooner or later the big networks are going to have to start streaming for free over the internet or risk losing market share. And I guess the only way that they’ll make money is by doing it ala Hulu – with advertising. It’s an old-fashioned model that still works: eyeballs=dollars. – an easy way to tune into live internet television

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