N-trig video demonstrates new multi-touch firmware


[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V5vd-kEU0cE&rel=1]The Dell Latitude XT has one key differentiator over other Tablet PCs: the capability for multi-touch with the N-trig solution. Folks have been wondering how it will really work since there’s no software or firmware to support the functionality and today, N-trig starts providing an answer. Looks like they will be offering firmware with multi-touch support on capacitive touch screens in May of this year to OEMs. N-trig tells us that the functions are fully compatible with Microsoft Windows Vista and Outlook 2007.In this video from N-trig, you can see some examples that use multi-touch gestures and controls. Many you’ve seen before on a smaller device like the iPhone, but it’s interesting to see them on the “big screen”. There’s definitely potential here for navigation and scrolling. I’m starting to wonder if the stylus will generally be relegated solely to inking in the future for many folks based on this demo. N-trig will be announcing more information tomorrow, but they were kind enough to let us run some of it today.


Ronnie Simmons

Well I’ve had the XT for about a week now and I can say I’m very happy with it. I’ve been waiting to get a couple of things for it (SSD drive for express slot, antenna for internal AT&T WWAN card) before I tried to put together a little review on youtube so hopefully I will get it done this weekend.

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