ibisBrowserDX: a faster Windows Mobile browser


IbisbrowserdxI don’t do much web surfing on Windows Mobile these days, but I did spent some quality time with ibisBrowserDX this morning on my Dash. The browser is touted to be multiples faster than Internet Explorer on WinMo and while it currently lacks support for Flash or JavaScript, I can see some speed gains in the short time I used it.

The app is small, under 400Kb on a direct CAB download and written in C++. Like other optimized browsers in the past (ThunderHawk comes to mind), the browser requests data from a hosted server which serves up the mobile view. At first, I saw a very slow load time, but once the page was up, navigation was indeed quicker. There’s a small mouse cursor, much like the Symbian browser, and once you move the mouse to the top or bottom of the screen, the scrolling picks up speed. This makes it pretty quick to move from the top all the way to the bottom of a web page. I also like the three on-screen menus because they pack a large amount of choices on a small screen; remember, I’m using the T-Mobile Dash, whose display is a tad over two-inches diagonal. There’s a PC Mode and a Mobile mode for different viewing options and the switch from one to the other is lightning quick.I’ll have to play some more, but already I can see some potential here. If you want to try ibisBrowserDX for your Windows Mobile Standard or Professional edition device, you can nab the download right here. This is a technology preview / trial, so you’ll only get a limited number of views for now. It’s not perfect, but ibisBrowserDX shows potential, especially for quick navigation of web pages on a mobile device. If it takes off, the company plans to charge $3 a month for the service that provides the optimized pages.(via Windows for Devices)

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