Fujitsu offers P1620 Tablet PC with Intel Core 2 Duo ULV


Fujitsup1620jkOTR reader Patrick gets credit for this find on the Fujitsu website. We finally have a successor to the P1610 Tablet PC, although it seems more of an incremental big brother than a total revamp. Still, for folks wanting more portable power, this seems worth a look. The P1620 looks identical to the P1610 on the outside, but under the chassis are some upgrades like:

  • Intel Core 2 Duo ULV CPU rated at 1.2 GHz
  • Options for Windows XP Tablet, XP Professional and Windows Vista Business
  • 512 MB, 1 GB or 2 GB of RAM; the micro-DIMM RAM upgrades appear to be nearly half of what they used to be… 2 GB is $450 and I believe it used to be at or near $800 on the P1610
  • Hard drives ranging from 40 to 100 GB, with a 32 GB SSD option at $399

All models have the same 8.9-inch touchscreen with palm rejection as their predecessors; the palm rejection on the P1610 is the best I’ve ever seen on a touchscreen device. The base model starts at $1,749 and goes up from there. Evernote and Microsoft OneNote are included with every P1620. Hmmm… Fujitsu is blowing a little of their own hot air on a big Apple day, no? Thanks Patrick!Update: a Fujitsu press release hit today and indicates the base price is $1,599. Not what I’ve found on the Fujitsu sales site, but perhaps you get that price if you strip down the base model currently shown. Not that I’d recommend that… the release also indicates a brighter display with higher contrast and greater visibility from various viewing angles. Additionally, the screen hinge is bi-directional.



The LG is not bad, but I decided to get the p1620 due to the better battery life, expecting delivery soon!


Have you got a link to Vista SDHC drivers? I’ve only seen XP drivers.

Andrew Beery

I just ordered the 2GB MicroDimm for my P1610… I already have the SSD and I’d like to have the upgraded CPU in the P1620 but I can’t justify the $2K for a machine configured the way I want when I already have the P1610… also of note for those that are interested… there now seem to be High Capacity SD card drivers available from our buddies over in Japan… I’m going to see if I can read a 6GB SD card tonight… as well as see if ReadyBoost finally works


Fujitsu have a new 2Gb Micro-DIMM module available on the US site as an accessory. They say it’s compatible with the P1610 and the P1620. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be available anywhere else in the world just yet.

This has been available since Xmas and was discovered around then by someone at Everyone there is objecting to the price of the module but hopefully it will come down soon enough and be made available here in Europe (and elsewhere).

Ivan S

According to the product brochures, the differences between the P1620 and P1610 are: 1.2 GHz C2D processor, 2GB RAM, 100GB HDD, enhanced display (no more indoor/outdoor), high def audio, Smart Card ready, data leak software, and magnesium-alloy casing. From the press release it seems the P1620 is targeted at specialized corporate applications like sales force automation and supply chain management. I am interested in seeing how well it meets the needs of more general business users and if it’s worth the price. A system with 2GB RAM, 100GB HDD, 6-cell battery, WLAN and Bluetooth lists for $2,474.

Andrew Beery

I wonder if the HD uses the same connector (can I move my existing p1610 SSD to the p1620… also are there two RAM slots now or have the gone to a new memory format… I’m not aware of a 2GB 172pin MicroDimm. Doubling RAM and Doubling Memory should make this a much more responsive system

Wiley Johnson

I think we need a review of this unit. It is still a good choice when compared to the HP, it seems
NW Houston

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