First release of the day: Time Capsule


Macworld 2008’s keynote is currently underway and the first new product out of the gates is Time Capsule.

Time Capsule seems to be Apple’s answer to wirelessly backing up your data with Time Machine. Time Capsule is an Airport Extreme base station with a “server grade” internal hard drive. It looks pretty much identical to the Airport Extreme Apple currently offers.

There will be 2 versions available: 500 GB version at $299 and 1 TB at $499.



AK, if you are talking about Time Machine backing up to wireless disks, then you have hope. I was at an ADC event recently, and I was told that they are putting the functionality back in to TM (it was removed from TM just before shipping Leopard because of a bug found at the last minute).


Honza, This functionality was in the pre-release information for Leopard but it was not delivered when the product was released. Hence our expectations were raised and then we were let down. If it had not been mentioned I would agree with you.

The lesson for me is “If its that important check the released product has what you need before you part with your money!”


Let down? Why are people bitching? Progress will always feel like this to those who bought already. Get used to it!


I have already invested in an Airport Extreme and backup discs. To get the wireless backup solution I need do I now need to replace this hardware which is all less than 4 months old?

This function was expected when Leopard was released. Time Capsule looks like a great product but I do feel that all those who have invested in previous Apple products have been let down. Lets hope Apple are listening and fix this in a Leopard update.


What a bummer I have just purchased an Aiport Extreme.

Do you think Apple will release a patch that will let time machine backup to a USB attached hard drive instead of having to purchase the new time capsule?


I had picked up an AEBS a few days ago at Best Buy for $152, but I haven’t opened it yet. 500GB of extra storage is a no-brainer for an additional $150. What about my current 500GB drive that I use for my iTunes library. Can I still use it as an AirDisk?

Will Brocklebank

But will they enable USB disk attachments to existing Extreme base stations or have we just been slapped with a new piece of hardware on the wishlist? It’ll be a bit raw if they don’t allow Time Machine to work to USB drives attached to the Extreme. Here’s hoping.


Sounds great. Now they just need to ship this to me a month ago before I got tired of waiting for them and invested in another backup server + software for my home.

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