AppleTV – Take 2


Today Apple released it’s second version of it’s AppleTV product.

To go along with the new iTunes movie rental service, Apple’s new version of the AppleTV has had a nice update.

A quick feature rundown:

  • No computer required
  • Rent movies directly from the AppleTV (HD movies for $3.99; $4.99 for new releases)
  • DVD quality and HD quality + Dolby 5.1
  • Buy music directly from AppleTV
  • Browse podcasts (audio and video)
  • Browse photos from Flickr and .Mac
  • Sync with iTunes
  • Preview movies and see what other users have rented
  • Run photo screensavers pulled from .Mac web galleries

There has also been minor price drop from $299 to $229.

All of these features will be available as a free software update in about 2 weeks. Good news is that you don’t need to purchase a new AppleTV to get all of the new stuff!



Reply to Leonard…….Although it is 720P it is compressed meaning that it will look better than a standard DVD but not as good as HD over satellite/cable and definitely inferior to a Blu-Ray or HDDVD disk. It all comes down to the mbps that each avenue can support among other things. I know that this is a broad swipe at explaining it but it gives you an idea of what to expect. I own an AppleTV as well and I am eager to rent an HD title now that the software update is out. I hope to be pleasantly surprised. So far none of the trailers are in HD so I guess we’ll all have to rent some content.


Reply to Leonard, I don’t believe you will be disappointed if the content is 720p. Apple indicates it will be HD so we can only conclude that means 720p. I have been watching HD podcasts and they look fantastic! Happy viewing!!!!!


I am too old to be up on all the tech, but just bought a 52″ Bravia LCD 1080p with a Blue-Ray. Am I going to be disappointed in my viewing experience if I buy an Apple TV and download HD movies via Apple vs renting dvd.




Reply to Bob Smith;

Apple TV does have an HDMI output. I have been watching fantastic HD content since buying the Apple TV the first week it was released in 2007. I record HD over air broadcasts with an EyeTV Hybrid (transferred to iTunes automatically) and also watch HD podcasts. The new software update will allow me to skip Blu-Ray for a while and still rent 720P content for display on my home theater projector, which doesn’t support 1080P or non-hdcp content anyway.

Robert Thille

New 160GB are $299 at least at some Costcos.

#3, Apple TV has had HDMI out since the beginning. What are you, a troll?

I’m still probably returning mine in favor of a Mini, since I can then use my EyeTV to get old VHS tapes into iTunes/Frontrow


Since the refurbished 160GB tv dropped to 279.00, I ordered one. :)

Bob Smith

Still no hardware updates. Apple TV desperately needs an HDMI out. Otherwise renting HD movies will be pointless.


It is still disappointing that there is no DVR function. I felt like this could have been a much more monumental change to the Apple Tv.


Wow, I was surprised to see all of this offered as a free update. Now I’m definitely going to be picking up an tv very, very soon.

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