Stats On Games On Demand Users From Indiagames

Indiagames’ Games on Demand service has reached 10,000 paid subscribers, and the company has shared some data on the gaming habits on its users:
— Total gameplay over the entire year was 27,981,060 minutes – which averages out to around 233 minutes per user per month.
— The favorite time to play is between 3pm and 10pm, with the peak at 7pm. (chart)
— 60 percent of the gamers are aged above 22 years – 40 percent between 22 and 35 – and 34 percent are working professionals or in business. (chart 1, chart 2)
— The distribution of users may be influenced by Indiagame’s distribution deals, which doesn’t cover all the broadband consumers: 50 percent from North India, 25 percent from West, 20 percent from South and 5 percent from East India.
— 13 percent of gamers are women, 7 percent (of total gamers) are housewives.

Casual games appear to be ruling the roost (chart), though RTS (my favorite genre) isn’t doing too badly eitherchart. The press release suggests that Gaming is eating into prime time television, and appears to make a pitch for in-game advertising, so readers should bear in mind that we haven’t been able to verify this data; also 10,000 users isn’t much compared to the base for a TV audience, though a gaming environment is considerably more engaging.