Mobile Content Bits: Alltel, VideoStreams; Sumo.TV

Alltel (NYSE: AT) Synced Music: Alltel has launched a service for people to sync their handsets remotely with their PCs. This service — Music powered by Celltop — is run by mSpot, which connects a persons phone to their computer over the network, lets them play the songs there and downloads it to the handset for future playing. It costs $3.99 a month ($9.99 for three months), although it’s not stated that this includes data charges. (release)

VideoStreams: QuickPlay Media has launched a free video streaming service for Blackberries (data charges apply, of course). The service, VideoStreams, includes music videos, comedy, horoscopes and extreme sports, and has a “send to friends” feature. It’s in Canada and the US. (release)

Sumo.TV has signed a deal with Orange to put video from its site (aggregated from user-generated clips) onto the carrier’s handsets in France and Israel, reports C21 Media.