100,000 hotspots for iPhone, Touch users willing to view an ad

JiwireadsforaccessYes, the MacWorld keynote is going on right now, so it’s likely that only three loyal readers will actually see this post in a timely fashion, but it’s worth a mention. Besides, thanks to tabbed browsing, we can read the keynote liveblogs; I’m a fan of Engadget’s, but that’s just me.There’s a new free, WiFi hotspot option for Apple iPhone and iPod Touch owners, courtesy of JiWire. The company just announced their Ads for Access campaign, which opens up the WiFi floodgates at over 100,000 U.S. locations. You’ll need to view an ad for the free access which, all things considered, is a small price to pay. Check the JiWire site for a full directory of hotspots; I did and was surprised to see a number of participating locations in my area. You know, the place where there are more cows than people? I guess cows need the web too.


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