There’s something in the air…


There’s something in the air…

Today, Apple updated their home page with the graphic above showing what appears to be Apple’s main slogan for Macworld 2008.

Many readers are predicting that “air” is the name of a new line of MacBooks from Apple that will be released tomorrow. Other’s are guessing it has something to do with wireless networking or WiFi. I’m guessing no one really has a clue.

Tomorrow at 9am PST, Steve Jobs will deliver his infamous keynote speech and is sure to release and announce things that will make your head explode.

Tune in tomorrow for commentary and updates on new announcements related to all things Macworld.


Leland C.

OMG. What font is that? Looks-ish like Helvetica Neue UltraLight….

Josh Pigford

Thank you Carl, Nick, and Chad for helping inform me of my typos and misuse of vocabulary. Thank you Kyle for posting the only typo or misuse of vocabulary that I care about. :)

Chad Crowell

Ditto Carl (#5) – from deserving of or causing an evil reputation; shamefully malign; detestable: an infamous deed.

(I only know this due to calling a glacier infamous in a college report I wrote)

Carl Kontyko

What’s “infamous” about SJ’s keynote speech??? Don’t you mean “famous keynote speech?”


My days im defintiely getting excited about this. Im from England but I’ll be the first on to check out all the new gear Jobs has to offer

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