The one vs. many device question

N95_and_n800Jonathan Greene has a nice post up from a few days ago and he thoughtfully shares opinions on the “one or many” device debate. It’s no secret I’m a strong believer in using the right tool for the task. That means two things: one, I use many devices and two, this approach requires an above-average gadget budget.Currently, Jonathan gets through a mobile day with a Nokia N95 and N800. Yup, there’s some overlap there, but Jonathan takes the same approach I took for CES week: if you can, always have a backup. If the Eee PC didn’t cut it (or simply crapped out), I would have easily transitioned over to a Samsung Q1P and a Bluetooth keyboard. No, you don’t want to carry two devices everywhere, but for something as important as a week at the country’s largest consumer electronics show, a backup plan is a must.The pocketable promise of MIDs with WiMAX connectivity has Jonathan waiting for some product releases. I don’t think any MIDs we know of will come close to replacing the awesome camera on the Nokia N95, but aside from that, a MID might be a great single device for him and his activities. How about you: are you dead set on a single, all-my-needs-are-met device? As much as I’d like one of those, I just don’t see one available yet that fits all of my requirements.


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