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MySpace Gets Serious About Games

Social networking site MySpace is continuing its push into the gaming space with plans to launch a game portal. Casual gaming is a popular activity, with tons of competition. There are independents with their own web sites, those creating games such as Scrabulous for social networks, while large portals such as Yahoo have the basics, among them poker and sudoku. The games can also be a channel for advertising or transaction revenue, though no one has yet settled on a compelling revenue model. But given the number of casual games out there and the fact that big guys like NBC Universal and Microsoft are buying into or investing in the market, MySpace likely smells a revenue stream.

9 Responses to “MySpace Gets Serious About Games”

  1. The is interesting, but they need to integrate game play invitations, install, and a “leader board” into their social network the way Facebook has.

    We are moving many of our successful social games to Facebook, games originally launched on the iPhone. The Facebook platform creates a viral distribution channel because of the tight integration of applications in the Facebook network.