Macworld Anticipation Kills Thousands (But They'll Bounce Back Tomorrow)

Will it be a MacBook Touch or an Apple TV Pro? And what’s all this about the Air? Tomorrow is the big Stevenote day at Macworld in San Francisco, and I’ll be there with an EVDO card and last year’s Mac laptop burning my thighs. We’re not planning to liveblog, but if you hang on Steve Jobs’ every word we highly recommend the play-by-play from the pros at Engadget. Then stop back here for a helping of recap and analysis.

So what shiny new first-gen Apple device is going to shoot to the top of wish lists everywhere? I’ve been lapping up the “leaks” and educated guesses like everyone else, but my socks are still on. With all the iTunes movie rental details slipping out, it’s clear that at least some of Apple’s announcements will be video-oriented. That’s certainly what happened at CES last week. So hey, if we have to place bets, that’s what we’ll do — we bet that video is going to be a big part of what Apple announces tomorrow. But we’ll quit spilling ink for now and wait till certifiable details start pouring out of El Jobso’s lips.

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