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Live Chat The Stevenote

While we here at The Apple Blog will be offering our 2 cents (not that you asked…) on tomorrow’s announcements during and following the Macworld Expo Keynote, you may be looking for the straight dirt as it drops. Well whether you’re at a computer, or sporting your iPhone (ok, or any other mobile with a browser) you’ll probably want to check out WebChattr’s coverage from the floor. Our boy Chris Holland has some cool mojo going on to bring the details to the masses in a format that will allow near instant updates in a web-based chat application – WebChattr!

Check out his page explaining the whole thing here. It sounds like an interesting solution, and more interactive than the typical, ‘stare at a blog waiting for it to update every 60 seconds’. Happy Stevenote Eve everyone!

2 Responses to “Live Chat The Stevenote”

  1. Diego Colombo

    The rumor about 3G iPhone is so loud but .. what will Apple do for the european customers? They launched the iPhone in november (knowing the edge low coverage of europe) and now they release the 3G version? that means that no 3G operator will never complete the Edge coverage and so i wish that EU users will get something back (2 months and see the iPhone outdated…) it won’t be polite and Apple .. something more Microsoft .. i just wish …