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How to boost Vista performance 11% on a Samsung Q1 UMPC

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Samsungq1vistarc1pcmarkIt’s simple really and Robert McLaws has the answer at Windows-Now. Robert’s done some benchmark testing of the latest Microsoft Windows Vista SP1 Release Candidate and his results show an overall 11% boost in PCMark scores: 552 to 612. I’m a little lax in my Vista SP1 testing, but I do have Windows Vista on the Samsung Q1P and will try to replicate Robert’s actions. Samantha, the Samsung UMPC, is in the midst of a battery calibration on the extended battery, so she’ll need to get re-juiced first.I’ll be looking for two things in my test: do I see roughly the same overall performance increase as measured by PCMark Vantage and is there a difference because I have two Gigabytes of RAM; Robert has one in his Q1. Actually, I’ll be looking for Robert’s post on the topic too: I found it in my feeds, but don’t see it on the Windows-Now site.

2 Responses to “How to boost Vista performance 11% on a Samsung Q1 UMPC”

  1. Well, that’s a really good news. I’m using my of as my main PC so I’m a little bit concern on testis it. I do not want to end re doing my machine. A friend of mine installed the previous version and to install this one you have to uninstall that one. well, the problem is that he can’t uninstall it now. So He is dead with that version now.