Ethanol Startup Coskata Comes Out of Stealth Mode

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[qi:_earth2tech] Coskata, a startup that says it can produce commercial-scale ethanol for under $1 per gallon made from either biomass, municipal solid waste or other recycled materials, has unveiled a partnership with General Motors, along with investments from GM, Khosla Ventures, Advanced Technology Ventures and Great Point Ventures. Earth2Tech editor Katie Fehrenbacher visited the company at their Illinois headquarters and brings us this report.

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Easy as it is to bash GM, we should recognize when they do something that not only makes sense – it’s a step in the right direction.

I’ve been Posting on non-food-crop biofuels for a spell. And chuckling over the dweebs who’ve been so easily sucked into “the horror of ethanol” by the combined machinations of Oil Patch flunkies and Luddites.

The additional benefit of cellulose-based segments of the quotient is removing all the delight of “traditional” American factory farming – from tons of nitrogen and phosphates pumped into the soil to constant thrashing of soil surface to assist those subsidized margins.

Good news that all that’s really needed at this point is building the facility [the first one] and ramping up production.

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