Could Adobe AIR fill the MacWorld balloon?


Adobe_airThe jet lag from CES 2008 still hasn’t worn off, but maybe that’s a good thing. I woke up at 12:15 this morning feeling like I had a full night’s sleep, even though it was only a few hours of rest. Of course, the middle of the night is usually when I have my best thought of the day; yes, I only get one and that’s on a good day, so here’s today’s.The banners at MacWorld have this catchy little phrase: “There’s something in the air.” OK, it could be that we’ll see WiMAX-ready hardware coming out of Apple, but that might be a little premature. After all, Sprint won’t be rolling out WiMAX coverage until April or May and it’s going to take a while to blanket the country. We know that the Apple iPhone SDK is appearing by next month and that one of the grudges folks have with the device is the lack of Flash support. Could it be that the iPhone will support a light version Adobe AIR, just in time for the SDK release? Or maybe I just need more sleep… and a better thought for the day.



Interesting theory but it won’t hold. is now registered to Apple and probably .com and .net also which definitely indicates a product by apple not adobe.
we will know for sure in less than 24 hrs.


Nah… Adobe and Apple are no longer BFF ever since Adobe took *ages* to release Universal Binaries of its applications, and since Apple went Flash-less (not even Flash Lite) with the iPhone!


I’d like it. I played with the first beta of AIR and it showed promise. But currently the iPhone doesn’t support Flash. I wonder how Adobe would feel about AIR without Flash.


I happen to agree with your moment of sleep deprivation… The same idea struck me on Friday evening…

“Hmm… what did Cringely just predict? Apple + Adobe?

“What’s Adobe’s new product that’ll be released in February around the time of the iPhone SDK? Did you say, Adobe Integrated Runtime (a/k/a AIR)?

“Ah, the iPhone SDK will be based on Adobe AIR!!!

“Posted by: chuckling… | Jan 11, 2008 8:57:16 PM

Most people are convinced that there will be a MacBook Air of some type… however, perhaps, the Adobe AIR could be the “one last thing”, complementing the new MacBook.


Ordinarily I’d shoot down this idea, but because AIR employs WebKit, which is what Apple uses for Safari and gadgets, the two should fit well together.

That said, the conventional wisdom that Apple only announces products when they are ready to ship got shredded last year with the iPhone announcement. Nothing is stopping Apple from announcing a WiMax-equipped Macbook at Macworld and launching the product later.

Ramzi D

Actually you’re probably right Kevin -in which case you’ll be the first to figure out Apple aerial surprise :)
I saw this morning a press release of a Digital-asset management software: . They plan to release, during MacWorld, a new web 2.0 version that have nothing special to do with Mac platform either than supporting… Adobe Air technology!

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