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Amazon Vs Apple: The DRM's Still On For iTunes Service

An interesting story in NYT on Apple’s (NSDQ: AAPL) music service versus rest of the industry, and how the music labels have now pinned their hopes on (NSDQ: AMZN), enabling it by lifting DRM restrictions for the online music service the book retailer giant. Pepsi had previously announced it has jumped from Apple to Amazon for a Super Bowl song giveaway promotion…four years ago this was Pepsi-Apple, who along with the four labels gave away 100 million songs through Apple

One Response to “Amazon Vs Apple: The DRM's Still On For iTunes Service”

  1. You should do a fact check. I think you CAN get DRM-free titles on iTunes. You mean they are lower price or something on AMZN?

    "A senior record company executive told NYT he was prepared to keep copy restrictions on his label’s songs on iTunes for six months to a year while Amazon establishes itself."

    Sounds like a flagrant violation of antitrust law. And pointless. I don't mind Apple's Fairplay because it doesn't inconvenience me in any way. And iTunes is fewer "clicks" than Amazon. Unless Amazon offers a really enormous discount I don't see why anybody would be interested.