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Wallstrip Star Leaves Show to Start for CBS

Wallstrip star Lindsay Campbell has left the daily financial news web show and moved on to a new project within CBS Interactive, according to Wallstrip founder Howard Lindzon. CBS bought Wallstrip for $4 million last May. Embedded below is the show’s first episode from October 16, 2006.

Tomorrow will be Campbell’s last show. Lindzon said Campbell, along with Wallstrip producers Adam Elend and Jeff Marks, is working on a new show for CBS Interactive called Actually it’s called, according to Elend, who said he and Marks continue to serve as executive producers on Wallstrip while they work on “several new projects” at CBS, correcting Lindzon’s assessment (which we had printed in this story) that they were not involved in running Wallstrip day-to-day. Wallstrip will now be hosted by former guest host Julie Alexandria, reports Silicon Alley Insider. One of Alexandria’s episodes is embedded below the fold. Lindzon will continue in his current role picking stocks for the show as a paid consultant to CBS.

The Wallstrip team has some really interesting insights into making good web video — including making it authentic, distributing it widely, and forgetting about trying to reach a mass audience. Read more about their philosophy in our story from August. We have asked them for further comment on leaving Wallstrip and starting, and will add to this story when they reply. Update: see Lindzon’s announcement of the news on his blog.

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12 Responses to “Wallstrip Star Leaves Show to Start for CBS”

  1. has gone live. Everyone should look into this. Nowadays everyone is so politically correct and so willing to accept answers from people that don’t really answer anything. Moblogic is nothing like that. It’s opinionated and hilarious. Lindsay gets on the street and talks to people who have a lot to say, whether they’re right or wrong. I love it. Hope they interview me one day. Check out Lindsay’s take on Eliot Spitzer and his wife. She hits it right on the mark.


    Julie Alexandria ROCKS! It’s nice to see someone in that kind of host position show some real personality and humor in a rather heavy subject matter. She brings an energy that is engaging, infectious and endearing. Lover her. Good decision, good show!

  3. I don’t see this as a change — consider Amanda Congdon leaving Rocketboom quite a while back. But you’re right, things are getting established enough so the talent and the entrepreneur aren’t necessarily the same person. And then they become much more separable.

  4. Don Schwartz

    Julie Alexandria is hilarious! Her her deadpan reactions in interviews with people on the street are really hysterical. I look forward to checking out her internet programs on a daily basis!