Podfight: Best of the Booze ‘Casts


It’s Friday. Time to cast off the shackles of work and head out to your local happy hour. But tonight, don’t let it be Lowenbrau; class up your bacchanalia and upgrade your libations with a new drink. There are a bunch of video podcasts out there trying to teach you how to appreciate the finer spirits in life. As with all our podfights, I’ll run through a few of the best, and at the end you can pick your favorite in our Best of the Booze ‘Cast poll.

Wine Library TV
Gary Vaynerchuk (or “Gary V”) is the grand poo-bah of vino, and his daily podcasts are more entertaining than they should be considering they’re little more than a guy from Jersey slurping wine. I’ve written about his frenetic show before. Phrases like “bringing the thunder” when describing cabernets is par for the course. He may be over the top, but he definitely makes drinking wine fun.

Cocktails on the Fly
I have mixed emotions about Fly‘s host Alberta Straub. She tended bar at the Orbit Room here in San Francisco and made the most delicious drinks ever — but she was such an artisan that it took forever to get served (a literal buzz kill). Straub could be a little more lively on camera, and she doesn’t bother to change outfits when taping multiple episodes, but she knows her stuff and can whip up some truly inventive drinks.

Tiki Bar TV
You gotta hand it to the Tiki crew — the put on a heckuva show. It’s not just people in front of a camera, it’s got characters, a script — each show even has a plot. Sure, it’s a bit too cheesy for my taste, but high production values and original cocktail concoctions save the day.It’s a tough call, but for me, I love Gary V. He drops some serious fruit bombs on a daily basis and I don’t get as inebriated when chugging his suggestions. But which one is the Absolut best? The creme to your de menthe? The Poncho to your Villa? Cast your vote in our poll and drink up the comments.



Hello from France.
I love Cocktails on the Fly so great.
Alberta is very a silly and beautiful women. she knows cocktails is perfect.



Alberta is the best! I have watched nearly all of the other shows out there, and I can say that Cocktails and Tiki are a cut above. The rest of the shows just feel blah to me. Shows like Robert Hess’s are great for true drink aficionado, but I want to have fun with my drinks. That’s why I like Alberta’s show. Cocktails on the Fly feels approachable for the average person.

Chris Albrecht

Awwww, Miss Flighty,

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As noted, your drinks at the Orbit Room were always worth the wait.

Miss Flighty

Miss Flighty offers up a little protest to our much resepcted reviewer..while the comment about the forever taking drink order she acknowledges with much chagrin and apologies to your liver, complaining about the lack of outfit change is way unfair…First of all, you try to find a cute 60s looking dark colored (by order of the producer) top to wear in size extra extra medium in this era of Paris Hilton empire waisted maternity tops and skinny jeans. Believe me I was lucky to come up with one outfit a month and online video podcasting does not exactly buy you a house in Aspen or even a pair of shoes for that matter and besides, its supposed to be like a uniform..kay? I guess you’re really upset about your lack of beverage and for that Miss Flighty offers her deepest apologies….TIKI BAR TV RULES! Robert Hess’s show is awesome too!

Bitters NYC

My favorite is the Cocktail Spirit with Robert Hess on Small Screen Network.

For the serious cocktail enthusiast.


There is absolutely no contest. Tiki Bar has a level of quality that all podcasts should aspire to attain.


My favorite Booze related online video show is and one tipple you clearly missed is http://www.basicbrewing.com/
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